About us

The story Behind Charles Ramsay


Charles Ramsay watch collection was inspired by the timeless love of a young couple, who fell in love in Battersea London 1963. Mr Ramsay was a stylist, young boxer from South America, who was invited to compete in a boxing competition by the British High commission in the early 1990’s. The first gift he bought his future wife was a stylist wrist watch, which she latter pass down to his children. This watch collection is inspired by timeless style and unmatched character.


Charles Ramsay simple yet timeless look and designs. Inspired by the look at feel of the most iconic brands from the 1990’s, we designed a watch that looks and feels like a classic design. It was important that we thought the watch was suited to the style and elegance of the 1990’s.

The watch case is beautifully simple and merged with the elegance of the Japanese movement.

This is a simple and classic watch for mixed with style for all oceans.